Looking for some free entertainment on your android phone? BeeMovie movie streaming app for android might be the best option. It has a huge collection of Bollywood movies on android phones and works great even with a slow speed internet connection.

BeeMovie app for streaming Bollywood and Asian movies

BeeMovie streaming app has two main tabs. The TV tab which offers TV shows is divided up into categories for streaming. It offers the latest Movies, Dramas, Chinese media, and other related content.

The other tab offers access to sexually explicit content from Asia and around the world. So make sure that you have an app lock handy for child protection. Download it here.

Any video that you stream on BeeMovie will also offer the option to download. You can click on the download button and get the video/movie in your gallery easily. The download is usually offered in Mp4 formate. So you will be good to go even without an internet connection. You can easily choose the download location between the SD card or internal storage. Things have been thought through.

But the stand-alone streaming is good enough that you can forget the download button. So as long as you have a stable internet connection just stream and move on and keep the download button reserved for something special.

Some other similar apps like BeeMovie are MX Player, YouTube, and VLC Player.

The app is area-specific so you need to be in a supported location/country to enjoy the movie streaming app. Once you download the app you will have to create a user account with your phone number via a confirmation text. That’s how it will work out your location.

Click on the download button above to download the APK file. Once the download is complete, just install and you are good to go. We were not able to find the developer’s website so we can not comment on app security and privacy. Play Store also does not offer this app in its catalog. So it’s your call.

Let us know what you think about the app in the comments section below. We can always use some tricks and suggestions.

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