CShare (File Transfer Tools)

CShare (File Transfer Tools)


CShare let the users share their all kinds of different files with other Android phone users. To share a file both devices needs to have the app installed.

How to share a file via CShare?

In order for to share a file via CShare, they need to follow these steps.

  • Click on CShare app.
  • Select the document that the user wishes to share like video, music, pictures, or APK and then wait.
  • After a few moments, the receiver or multiple receivers can view these shared files on their smartphones and then simply download them.

With CShare you can share most of the files and to get additional features you can check Shareit.

Other features

There are also many other features of CShare which are as follows.

  • The app’s One Key Switch feature can be used for migration of all the data of an old phone to a new phone. This data can be emails, SMSs, MMSs, videos, music, or even apps.
  • The app also allows the users to send any kind of aforementioned files to another mobile phone or a PC via the browser.
  • Through the mobile Hotspot, one can either send or receive the files.

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