SWORD ART ONLINE: Memory Defrag is a Japanese RPG game. In this the users will be joining the characters like Asuna, Kirito, and Leafa in adaptation of the famed anime titled Sword Art.

Throughout the adventure of the SWORD ART ONLINE Memory Defrag, players will need to help the main characters to fight and defeat hundreds of different types of enemies.

Control System

The controls of the SWORD ART ONLINE Memory Defrag have been updated to adapt the touchscreen devices. Users can move their character in the game by sliding the finger all over the screen. As for attacking an opponent, they need to tap on the touchscreen fast. Holding the fingers on the screen allow for the character to block the attacks of enemies. Tapping on the portrait of the other characters calls her or him to the battlefield. To doge an attack, user needs to swipe on the screen.

As the players play through the game, they can unlock exciting new and powerful characters for joining and helping with your adventure. Players can even ask for the help from other players in this online game and also lend their own characters to help other players.

Character Upgrades

Players can upgrade their characters with special equipment’s and weapons like the Dark Repulser and the Elucidator swords.


Players will be able to relive through the classic arcs of this popular anime and mange series adaptation. Form Party with other players online to battle through the Co-op mission scenarios. Be a healer, an attacker or another kind of RPG character. Travel with your group to unleash your abilities. Players can also play as a lone wolf to clear the Solo Mode of the SWORD ART ONLINE Memory Defrag.

For completing special quests, players can join the guilds to earn special rewards.

Guide the amine character Kirito and his Assault Team through the 100 floors of the Aincrad to free them from this death game. Battle to ascend on the World Tree. Travel in the barren land of the Gun Gale to prevent the Death Gun before he can strike the world again.

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