CarX Drift Racing

CarX Drift Racing


If you are a car racing and drifting fan then this game is for you. In CarX Drift Racing your main goal is to put on drifting score and cross the finish line first. You have to keep the car sliding for as long as possible and as wide as possible. Upgrade your race cars for better results or win featured cars by winning races.

In CarX Drift Racing you get to race 35 different cars, divided into five classes. You start off with a Panther M5, then you can progress to a Caravan G6 (a boxy Volvo 240) and a Peterbilt 359. Drifting with better cars will give you better results. The same happens with the race circuits. The more expensive the track, the better bonus you achieve.

CarX Drift Racing Controls and Upgrades

Tweaking your car upgrades is very important as it helps you improve your race time and results just like you do in any other car game such as in the Asphalt series. Players have a vast array of upgrades to take care of from upgrading the car’s turbofans to the tire pressure to your wheels’ camber and toe angles. Timely upgrades are your friends.

Each car has five progressive powertrain-and-drivetrain setups. Stock, Turbo, Racing, Drift, and Ultimate. The latter is the single one that requires special coins to acquire. After buying a specific setup, you have 24 hours to tweak it for free. Afterward, you have to spend some special coins for that.

The race controls come in standard formats. You can steer the car either by tilting the screen or through directional buttons. If you want to ask the most out of you, switch the transmission to mechanical and be in control of everything.

There is a total of 22 track layouts to burn your rubber with your drifting skills, each of them requires cash to unlock. And special coins to unlock the special tracks. The more expensive track you race on, the more rewarding in terms of cash earned when you win the race.

It’s a fun game with a blend of drifting. You can download it now by clicking on the download button above. Install the APK file after the download completes. Let us know if you enjoyed the game and tell us about your favorite race car in the comments section below.

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